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Hello it's just Chelsea here; living the simple life.

 Lover of homemaking, decorating, pretty things, cookbooks, hot tea, and most importantly the life I have been given. Living a humble and content lifestyle is the calling on my heart. I strive to find joy everyday in my small-town roots where I live each moment primarily as a wife, mother, and daughter in Christ. Perfectly un-perfect. My purpose here is to cultivate a tangible realness that is something others can relate to. Fallow along with us as we journey through life learning as we go. My life is not glamorous just genuine and for lack of a better word pretty "normal". This space is for growing together in journeys of faith, hobby farming, homeschooling, family, health, and all things home. so here is to finding our own version of hot-mess happiness and not the unobtainable though be it beautiful Pinterest perfect version. Here you will find highlights of the things that bring me joy, break my heart, and make up my days. Not all lifestyles look alike and comparison truly is the thief of joy. I hope you find the words here are meaningful and helpful wherever you are on your own deeply personal journey to living a humble and content simple life.

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